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The best quality – lasivit light

Apartment lighting affects not only the aesthetic aspect, but also the functionality of our rooms. So what lighting is worth deciding in the apartment? What should we pay particular attention to? A well-designed interior should be equipped with adequate lighting. It affects not only the arrangement and general reception of the room, but also our […]

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What is key tray?

Kitchen trays have recently caught the eye and are coming out of the less-than-effective, gray area. These invaluable accessories have so far been found in the depths of cabinets and drawers, and thus proved to be very functional but not very absorbing, completely unattractive. Today it has changed, and the serving trays have gained a […]

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Galaver – designer equipment of the flat

It’s no secret that the climate of the apartment depends largely on the additions. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to what decorations decorate our interiors. When choosing them, remember that the accessories must match the character of the apartment and the style in which we have arranged it. Undoubtedly, beautiful accessories can completely change […]

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How to create a character of living room?

Designer iconic furniture has always been an object of desire for all those who are even slightly interested in interior design. Until recently, they were reserved only for the wealthy. When choosing John Eric Byers furniture for the living room, we are guided not only by their functionality, but also by the aesthetics. In the […]

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Excellent Lasvit light

Well-chosen lighting is comfort and convenience, which should be taken care of while decorating the interior. Each room in the house requires careful consideration and planning of the location of light sources in such a way that, while decorating the space, they are simultaneously functional. Proper lighting plays a huge role in human functioning. If […]

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How to prepare interesting white living room?

For some, interiors maintained in white can be too monotonous and cool. It can not be denied, however, that white is elegance at its best. Adding some decorations can change totally the image of even a cold room. The white living room can be arranged both in a modern and stylish way. There are no […]

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Luxury furniture in kitchen

The kitchen is the main point of every home and apartment, it gathers the most people and is a room where something happens all the time. It is worth taking care of it to feel at ease, and at the same time exceptionally. The effect of uncommonness can be achieved by introducing designer accessories to […]