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What is key tray?

Kitchen trays have recently caught the eye and are coming out of the less-than-effective, gray area. These invaluable accessories have so far been found in the depths of cabinets and drawers, and thus proved to be very functional but not very absorbing, completely unattractive. Today it has changed, and the serving trays have gained a new glow. All thanks, of course, to the development of applied art, which enters our thresholds and conquers the kitchen and living rooms in the form of creative, designer projects.

It is enough to look at the catalogs of the most wanted brands, brands that provide practical and extremely original solutions. We find in them not only professional waiter trays, dedicated to both pub and restaurant owners, but also to people who want to take in their own homes guests with great pomp, but also a relatively new novelty on the market, trays of melamine.


It is these latter products that deserve the greatest attention. And for the simple reason, such a tray combines a unique, artistic creation with inestimable durability and quality of workmanship. The discussed gadgets resemble fragile, precious porcelain, classic, always desirable, noble and very elegant trays. The only difference is that the  for serving is resistant to scratches and cracks, which should be considered reliable and virtually unbreakable accessories.


The material is hard and insensitive to external factors. In addition, this material is perfectly processed, so that the key tray can be freely shaped, colored, decorated and covered with a shiny laminate. Thanks to this, kitchen trays can finally get out of the depths of cabinets and drawers and become a full participant in home events organized with a pump worthy of a professional restaurant. Definitely, if we are looking for the right add-on to our interior and we do not know which one we should decide on, it is worth buying just such a tray. Thanks to this addition, the serving of dishes will become very simple and we will gain a great interior design element.