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The best quality – lasivit light

Apartment lighting affects not only the aesthetic aspect, but also the functionality of our rooms. So what lighting is worth deciding in the apartment? What should we pay particular attention to?

A well-designed interior should be equipped with adequate lighting. It affects not only the arrangement and general reception of the room, but also our well-being, willingness to work or effective rest. Creates a room-specific climate and decides about their functionality. We should think about the right lighting at the stage of designing the apartment. Before the renovation, it is necessary to pre-plan the layout of the electrical installation, starting with a reflection where we will need intensive light, where to place sconces that provide lighter lighting and how to set decorative lamps.

Correctly selected lasvit lighting can effectively emphasize the advantages of the interior, enliven colors, but also hide its disadvantages. Well-arranged light sources improve the unfavorable layout of the flat. For example, with a low room, directing a stream of light to the ceiling will make it seem to us much higher than it really is. On the other hand, high rooms optically lessened thanks to the low hanging wall lamps on the wall, and strong lighting of one of the walls will effectively enlarge the space.

White or cool white light, which stimulates check in places intended for work, and in the bedroom or living room the best solution will be relaxing, warm lighting. Designer lasvit lighting and colored lights are also an excellent element of interior decoration. They can introduce an atmosphere on which we depend, for example, cozy or party.